Home CEO Age 2-3 Quarter 1 Colors

Interested in starting your Age 2-3 preschool homeschool but don't need a complete year set just yet?  Then this nine-week package is the package for you!  This pacakge includes the first nine weeks of our Age 2-3 Complete Year Curriculum which teaches a variety of early learning skills using nine weekly color-themed units. 


This complete nine-week printable package includes over 1000 pages that provide all the printables, activities, and organizational and decor material to completely implement homeschool successfullly.  Again, this package does much, much more than simply teach colors.  Your child will be cutting, pasting, tracing, learning numbers, letters, enjoying arts and crafts, playing games and much, much more! 

The best part is that everything is included!  There is no need to waste time piecing together materials from multiple places.  It's all here already, in one instant download.


  • Daily Schedule Board
  • Circle Time Board (Day of the Week & Weather)
  • Colors and Numbers Posters
  • Song and Rhyme Posters
  • Week 1 - Red (a complete week package full of activities)
  • Week 2 - Blue (a complete week package full of activities)
  • Week 3 - Yellow (a complete week package full of activities)
  • Week 4 - Green (a complete week package full of activities)
  • Week 5 - Orange (a complete week package full of activities)
  • Week 6 - Purple (a complete week package full of activities)
  • Week 7 - Brown (a complete week package full of activities)
  • Week 8 - Black (a complete week package full of activities)
  • Week 9 - Pink

This product is perfect for the homeschooling parent who needs to implement a plan quickly and flexibly. The weekly format allows you to see the week ahead and complete the work at in an unrushed, natural pace that works with your schedule.

**NOTE: The 46 lesson plan units in our homeschool preschool curriculum (of which these are the first nine build upon each other - meaning that they get progressively more challenging and for best results, they are meant to go in the order presented.**

Each lesson plan is organized and easy to follow and includes activities that are easily replicatable. Includes award-winning book lists, games, songs, sensory, craft, math and practical life exercises.


  • Easy One-Page Weekly Summaries and Supply Lists
  • Book Suggestions
  • Song Suggestions
  • Language Activity Suggestions
  • Optional Montessori Sensorial and Practical Life Activity Suggestion
  • Coloring Mini Books
  • Cooking/Food Activity Suggestion
  • Math Activities
  • Fine Motor Activities
  • Language and Letter Activities
  • Gross Motor Activity Suggestions


  • 9 Lesson Plans
  • Suggested Daily Schedule
  • 9 Matching Themed Bulletin Boards
  • 9 corresponding suggested art projects and templates
  • 120+ Math, Literacy, Alphabet,Fine Motor activities and worksheets
  • 27 Gross Motor Games
  • A Complete Classroom Decor Pack - Circle Time, Schedule Board, Bin Labels, Alphabet Posters, Number posters, Song Posters and more!
  • 18 letters are reviewed, two per week in the Montessori-suggested introduction sequence (remaining letters are introduced in the following Quarters included in the Complete Year Bundle).
  • Colors, Numbers, Household Objects, Foods and Clothing Flashcards
  • 36 pages from our My First Math Notebook, through weeks 1-9 (Numbers 1-9)
  • Get Organized Binder Spines and Covers Pack to completely organize your teaching materials.

If you purchase this package and decide later to complete the full year, you can upgrade to the complete year set.  Just contact us at support@homeceoacademy.com and we will help you.

This program is mom-created, kid-tested and Home CEO Chief Education Officer-approved by thousands of families in all 50 states and 10 countries.  If you have any questions about our materials, send us an email at support@homeceoacademy.com and we'd be happy to help you.  Thank you!


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