Printable Alphabet Letter Crafts

These downloadable printable alphabet letter crafts have preschool and kindergarten teachers raving!  These super fun, super engaging printable ABC crafts feature cute letter characters that delight students while teaching letter recognition and phonics.  Best of all, they are easy for teachers to implement in their classrooms.

**This product now includes lowercase letters too!**

Click here to download these printable letter crafts.

If you're looking to do alphabet letter crafts for your homeschool, preschool or kindergarten but DON'T have time to spend hours assembling construction paper and googly eyes, look no further!  Home CEO's printable alphabet ABC Letter Crafts are a breeze to implement (just print and teach) and kids absolutely and completely love them!  

You simply print out the pages, kids assemble the ABC letter crafts and voila!

This printable alphabet letter craft pack is not only great for teaching phonics but also to help develop cutting, pasting and fine motor skills.

In addition to the 52 uppercase and lowercase alphabet letter characters you recieve in color and black and white versions, this printable alphabet letter craft pack also includes a title page, table of contents and a corresponding header so that you may paste them into an interactive notebook as a fun keepsake for your classroom and students.  Alternatively, you may assemble these letter crafts on a construction paper base if you want to display them in your classroom.

These popular printable alphabet letter crafts are used nationwide and in three countries.  You're children will be eagerly asking for the next letter and you're going to love them!  It is an engaging way to teach phonics and letter recognition.

Click here to download these printable letter crafts.

What Teachers Are Saying

  • I put these in my art center every week for my students to complete independently. They love them! It is helping with their cutting skills as well as letter identification. Love it! -Buyer, December 28, 2015
  • I LOVE this! I will print this out and send home with my intervention kids that are still struggling with alphabet identification. It really helps that it's all in one easy thing to print out and I don't have to print on all sorts of construction paper and figure out individual crafts. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE if you could make one for lowercase! Thanks!! -Michele O, December 2, 2015
  • Very pleased with your work! Thank you for your creative ideas for each letter! -PoetTree Licious Resources, Virginia, USA
  • I plan to use this to help me with my chicka chicka boom boom letter exchange. We got letter M. I thought the kids would like to do all the letters. -Laura M, August 2015
  • GREAT product!!  Tara G, West Virgina 
  • These are terrific! Perfect craft for our Alphabet Books. -Buyer, November 30, 2015
  • Very cute!! -Laurie G. November 27, 2015
  • My TK students love these :) Thank you for such a quick activity!! -Rachel H, October 27, 2015
  • My students love doing this crafts!!!! -Buyer, November 3, 2015



  • The Letter A Alligator
  • The Letter B Bee
  • The Letter C Car
  • The Letter D Duck
  • The Letter E Elephant
  • The Letter F Fish
  • The Letter G Giraffe
  • The Letter H House
  • The Letter I Iguana
  • The Letter J Jellyfish
  • The Letter K Kite
  • The Letter L Lemur
  • The Letter M Mouse
  • The Letter N Night
  • The Letter O Ostrich
  • The Letter P Piano
  • The Letter Q Quail
  • The Letter R Rabbit
  • The Letter S Snake
  • The Letter T Turkey
  • The Letter U Umbrella
  • The Letter V Vase
  • The Letter W Worm
  • The Letter X Xylophone
  • The Letter Y Yarn
  • The Letter Z Zebra


  • The Letter a apple
  • The Letter b beach
  • The Letter c cat
  • The Letter d drummer
  • The Letter e elf
  • The Letter f fairy
  • The Letter g goat 
  • The Letter h horse 
  • The Letter i itch
  • The Letter j jump 
  • The Letter k kick 
  • The Letter l ladder
  • The Letter m mountains 
  • The Letter n ninja 
  • The Letter o owl 
  • The Letter p pirate 
  • The Letter q queen
  • The Letter r rhino 
  • The Letter s seahorse 
  • The Letter t train 
  • The Letter u unicorn 
  • The Letter v vulture 
  • The Letter w whale 
  • The Letter x xray
  • The Letter y yawn 
  • The Letter z zoo

Click here to download these printable letter crafts.

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